Hello Bills fans, it’s a bit of an exciting day for me. I have thought for many years about launching my very own Buffalo Bills fan blog… and it started with creating a Facebook group called Buffalo Pro Football – Buffalo Bills. My goals here are simple, I want to share the headlines and some thoughts. I want to talk to super-fans like me and maybe, eventually, more. I want to report facts, but don’t expect to be the first to catch them. I will likely look to some skilled fans to share your thoughts and ideas.

You’re probably saying to yourself… aren’t there enough of these type of sites already? Well, probably… but I hope to be different in some ways as well. Sure I may seek ads for try to get bvack some of the costs of what really is a hobby, but I also see a lot of posts from other blogs that spend 200 words trying to tell you about what some article on another blog published. More interested in the facts and getting to the point unless I am openly sharing opinion. In fact my opionins will be in the Bills Opinion section, so you’ll know right away.

I do have another media person who plans to help out, another former Buffalonian name Mark Felski. Mark works in the Sports dept for a Colorado Radio station, so he sometimes has tidbits I can;t get faster than I can get them somewhere else.

Let’s have some fun, and please continue to share this site and especially the Facebook location so we can keep our little corner relevant.

Thanks  Р Craig Sutton