Hello Bills fans, Craig here. It’s that time again, time to pick the upcoming game. I will have submissions from the entire moderating group before the game but I break things down a little after watching the all-22 tapes. I am 3-0 heading into this game.

Falcons offense vs Bills D:

The Falcons are coming off a Super Bowl season and a lot of that has to do with their ability to both run and pass very well. Matt Ryan had a great season. He looks a little less super human this year and it looks to me like the fault of the right side of his line. Especially RG Wes Schweitzer who routinely gets pushed around. The Falcons love to run left behind guard and former Bill Andy Levitre who still looks to be doing a very above average job. The combo with Mack at Center and Matthews at LT is the key strength here. Freeman loves to hit the edge after breaking through more than running over the middle. Williams and Hughes will need to play a strong game. The key here to me is Dareus against a bad RG. He could be a very disruptive force if he chooses to this week. The Falcons also like to throw to the edges, the cover two is ideal for this… strong games however the 5’10” 185lb EJ Gaines will be tested bu the 6’3″ 220lb Julio Jones. The clear matchup to watch.

Bills O vs Falcons D:

This will be a game tailor made for Lesean McCoy, if we can get good outside blocking for him. Teams have scored points on the Falcons and many of the yards come from edge rushes on either direction. They are good at stuffing the middle, but Upshaw and Reed, the two Ends, have been routinely moved off the ball by every team they have played. CB Trufant has also been victimized quite often leaving me to believe there is another strong game possible for Jordan Matthews.
Special teams matters but I don;t see anything special to report here.

Assessment and score:

Looking at this road game, the fact that it’s on the road is the only thing that actually bothers me. The Falcons are confident on O and it isn’t hard to see why. But we have an excellent matchup with the Falcons D, this is what excites me. A chance to run the ball with some shots down the field. This one will wind up a high scoring affair. I do expect the home team to win though. Falcons 34 – Bills 30, let me be wrong this week… I’m ok with it.