I have a friend, yeah… I’m sure that’s hard to believe, but I have a few. Once upon a decade or so we used to have long chats about the Bills. I don’t see him very much anymore and his time is pretty limited, as any family man’s would be. I hoped he might join the cause here and write for the blog. No such luck. He did take a moment to send a little nugget from his brain.

Now I could call this section “Chet’s Nuggets”, but that sounds a bit childish. So if he offers some piece from time to time, I’ll just call it Chet’s Corner. He may not visit often, but when he does, the spot will be here for him… just like your room during those college years.

Here is the first article in Chet (Zeshonski’s) corner:

If the Bills make a trade, they first need to find a trade partner who believes the team is clearly out of the playoffs. They also need a veteran—someone who can come in and pick up the offense quickly rather than a young player still learning his way around the NFL. Finally, they need a team-friendly contract. Based on those parameters, I think there’s only one decent target: Chicago’s Kendall Wright. The Bears aren’t going anywhere this season, and they know it. Wright played for five seasons in Tennessee, so he’s a veteran who should be familiar with the concepts of a run-first offense. And he’s playing on a one-year, $4M contract, so the Bears haven’t invested a lot in him, and the Bills wouldn’t be committing to him long-term.

I’d love to land Jeremy Maclin, who was signed for two years and $11M, but I suspect the Ravens aren’t ready to throw in the towel yet. Given upcoming games on the road against Oakland (possibly without Derek Carr) and home against Chicago and rookie Mitch Trubisky, they might not be willing to throw in the towel anytime this month.